Workroom & Built-Ins

Can I just say how much I am diggin’ this ‘workroom’.  If I had a space like this in my tiny apartment home I would never want to stop working.


I was immediately drawn to the use of so many different colors and how well they all work together.  Kinda reminds me of a Tory Burch store.  I’m also a big fan of using a few Billy bookcases from IKEA and making them look like built ins.

If done the right way, you can really make these look like built ins and no one will  know the difference.  A simple white bookcase can make a huge impact if designed/styles properly.

A  few ‘real’ built-ins, which can be pricy and labor intensive…





via elle decor

And if you are crafty and want to save a buck (or hundreds) there are some really great DIY’s out there (images 2 & 3) of how to make your own built ins with the Billy bookcases.




Yet another reason I can’t wait to own my own house!

Images: 1.1     1.2      1       2        3

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